I am an industry renowned, qualified, and experienced health and safety consultant and carbon management advisor out of Fife offering health and safety advice, carbon footprint reduction advice - Net Zero, RAMS (risk assessment methods) and health and safety training courses across Edinburgh, Glasgow, and central belt. Whether you’re a small business looking to stay ahead of the competition looking for a skilled H&S specialist, or you are a large organisation who need a full health and safety system including fire risk assessments within your business, I have the complete skills, in-hand experience and industry accreditations to ensure your business can be health and safety compliant. 

Did you know it is a legal requirement for all employees who work in or from a building to be trained in fire awareness? I am an accredited CPD trainer specialising in many health and safety training courses. From the outcome of the on-site fire risk assessment I can develop fire awareness training specific to your premises and organisation. See my other courses including manual handling, display screen equipment and many more which will ensure your organisation and team are fully compliant in all health and safety aspects. 

I am practical in my work, take pragmatic approaches and believe in establishing a positive safety culture. With my skills, I take you and your business to the next level by increasing profits and reducing your overheads. By utilising my skills as a health and safety consultant, it allows your organisation to gain accesses by risk assessments that highlight areas where current practices are deemed insufficient or ineffective. By doing so, it allows you to improve health and safety as well as the finances of your organisation.

Through the utilisation of workplace safety consultants, we can identify the risks to your organisation. When these risks are rectified, it is proven to see an increase in productivity, increased retention in staff and in-turn, reduced cost of staff turnover amongst a plethora of over benefits. Health and safety in the workplace are an imperative aspect of running any business. Whether you need a health and safety advisor or looking for an external party to complete your onsite fire risk assessments, I have the skills, practical background, and experience to provide the best solutions for you. See more here 

I can work with you both inhouse and online regarding your organisation's health and safety, RAMS, fire risk assessments and more. I welcome you to reach out today and discover how I can help support your business through my practical skills, pragmatic approach, and positive style.