I am a great believer in positivity and the powers and results it can bring. This is not just in people but in life, sport, business, well everything. Even the covid-19 pandemic and all that it has brought to test us. It may have been challenging but in a way I feel more positive after the experience. I think socially we are more tolerant and willing to help others, working from home will be more acceptable, we have reduced our environmental impact, and I think there has been a general reset in what we consider is important. I have not always had a positive attitude. 

A lot of years of negativity had passed, the sad thing is I hadn't realised I was frequently being negative. It all came to light when I reached rock bottom with depression. I got a lot of help and support, I was also fortunate enough to get counselling. The counsellor was fantastic, she got to the route of a lot if my problems. The one thing she did discover was my negativity, it was in the words and phrases I used, sometimes in my actions, my beliefs, my behaviour. I'm not saying I was negative all the time but it was there without me realising and was weighing me down. You know that Scots is the only language that can use 2 positive words and make a negative, "aye right!", its maybe in our blood! The counsellor gave me coping tools, one of them was using positivity, before speaking, take a nano second and use a positive word, same before writing and thinking. 

In time this became more natural, being more positive in my actions, beliefs and behaviours, it doesnt work on their own, you need to adopt positivity as a whole. I still have to work on it but it has certainly helped me. 


n business positivity will improve all aspects of the business but like in life it has to be adopted as a whole.........................................