Why I stand out from the crowd

I have now written and published on here several articles on health and safety. It occurred to me that it might be beneficial for you to know the person behind the writing.

In every sector of every trade, some people are academically minded, and some are practically minded, a few are both, and there is the unfortunate few who are neither. I am from the practical side, I learnt most of my knowledge by being hands on, listening and learning from others as well as time studying.

I believe that I am different from others. I stand out, my experiences are many, the way I operate is different, my beliefs and priorities are unique and therefore the services I offer my clients are exclusive. This is not only in my working life but also in other activities that I am involved in.

So where did it all begin, this health and safety life education

After school I decided to go to sea as a deck officer cadet with the Ben Line Steamers of Edinburgh. I ended up spending 15 Years as a deck officer rising in rank to chief officer. The one thing about being at sea and working on a ship is that the crew have to be able to do and repair everything, you cannot contact trusted traders and have someone there the next day to fix a problem. What this taught me was being able to problem solve, think outside the box and being adaptable.

Following rules, procedures and processes ends up being second nature, whether it is the rule of the road for collision prevention, to following loading and discharging plans and procedures to minimise stress and forces on the ship to tank wash procedures and processes to comply with pollution regulations.

Apart from being a deck officer we also had secondary roles such as safety officer, medical officer, cargo and stability officer, navigation officer, GMDSS radio officer, the list goes on. We were used to working as part of a team such as in emergency response, in charge of a team such as cargo operations as well as on our own in charge of our cargo or navigation watch. Yes, there were others you could call on however in most cases you had to decide there and then, responsibility is all part of the training.

I also spent 3 years on drilling rigs as ballast / stability control operator, again an expert in my own field, having to make my own decision and react there and then to any alarms or warnings. We were responsible for the maintenance and care of all lifesaving, firefighting, ESD and gas detection on the rig along with the safe system of work, Permits. This was at the time just after the Piper disaster when permits started to be compulsory offshore.

Next was 13 years in oil and gas production in the North Sea up to production supervisor; again, procedures and processes had to be followed for obvious reasons. In charge of the fire and gas monitoring systems, ESD systems, permit system along with the safe system of work. Environmental monitoring, coshh, manual handling, reporting and auditing, reviewing procedures, carrying out risk assessments and work site inspections, chairing safety meetings, all part of the daily life offshore.

The last 12 years working for others was as an Area Authority / Control of Work Specialist on large COMAH oil and gas processing, storage, export and pumping terminals. Basically I was responsible for all the work in my area from the idea on paper through to the completion, all permits, risk assessments, site visits, plant preparation and isolations, monitoring, rescue plans, lifting plans, COSHH, manual handling, audits, inspections, visitors, vehicle movement, and so it goes on. We worked on behalf of BP for a large portion of this, over a 2-year period we safely controlled more open flame hot work than the rest of BP combined.

Working on behalf of major clients, with the safety and cost implications, environmental, health and poor publicity of any incidents or delays can be a little pressure pot. I thrive on the challenge and I’m proud to say that all projects I was involved in had no accidents, incidents, or delays.

I am Nebosh qualified and member of IOSH. Started my own health and safety advice service 10 months ago. I am studying level 6 NVQ Diploma, I am keen to keep learning and help others.

Some reviews I’ve received I think speak for themselves, I’ve included some from a side hobby, my motor sport photography, which demonstrates my belief that I am different in all aspects, I don’t just deal with the bosses but also the lads, I will always go that bit extra to be different and I am happy to always help those who will try and help themselves. I believe every day is a school day and you never stop learning. That is why you should choose me.

Reviews and Testimonial examples

“Phil offered a quick turn around on some H&S documentation I required and was very professional and thorough in his approach, will definitely be doing business again."

“Fantastic service and advice given to my daughter and reassurance given on how to open safely, offered advice at any time even after risk assessment"

“As a supplier to the maritime industry it is essential that our health and safety processes mirror the high standard of product that we and our clients produce. Given Phil’s expert background he very quickly understood our needs and provided a considered practical review of our processes. We are continuing to work together as our organisational needs and processes change. As such we would strongly recommend the knowledgeable, personable and detailed services provided by the Company."

“You are thorough with your perception of how to execute a work scope safely. Sometimes within control of work we need to use common sense although still adhering to the COW guidelines. I've always found you to be very realistic in terms of the likelihood of the Hazard becoming a source of accident/incident. I see AA's regularly who can’t use common sense when a simple task needs to be delivered. Waiting on a piece of paperwork from Tom, Dick or Harry resulting in waiting time and delays. Even if everyone knows the hazard is zero, they can't deviate away from that handbook and take responsibility."

“Fast, friendly and efficient service from Phil. He takes a pragmatic and positive approach to advising on health and safety and is very knowledgeable about guidelines for compliance with COVID situation. Highly recommend."

“You have many hands-on years’ experience both onshore and offshore, you never just sat in a classroom learning health and safety you were out in the real world working and learning at the same time"